Sunday, December 27, 2009

lets play a game

After an EPIC boxing day celebration at Touch last night and what felt like very little sleep, I was awoken by an amazingly fabulous 'wake up Erica' dance from my sister. It was unreal. I wish I had it on video so I could share it with the world. So up I got and we played a ridiculously competitive Wii marathon. Not gonna lie, my shoulders might actually hurt a little bit. I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. So much fun. I had an amazing ride as well. I feel like I've finally had a chance to settle my brain a little and actually remember how to relax. I needed to spend some quality time with the horses. My horse time really saves my sanity. They focus me. I feel fabulous!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

shiny pretty things

I made it to the gym, still have to work 2 horses but I managed to find time to place a new SUGOI order!! Even though it's not really that cold here, I find myself lacking in the warm running tights department. So the star item of my order this week is the Sugoi MidZero tight. I'm super thrilled because I need to demolish my last remaining excuse for not running....."i'm cooooooold." Not anymore. Also had to get another Brand Champion fizz tank because I'm so in love with the one I already have that I feel like it needs a friend to keep it company!! I love pretty new things!!

oh ya

So I didn't end up making it to Elk to run. Xmas never really goes as planned, does it?! I did, however, get to go to Butchart Gardens, which is possibly my favorite xmas activity of ALL TIME!! True story, I love it there. And we got to go skating and ride the carousel. It was super fun! It was really lovely to see all my cousins and have a chance to catch up.

Also, I may have played Wii Mariokart for somewhere around a hundred billion hours yesterday. Love that game. Tomorrow, Wii Boxing!! YESSSSSSSSSS. Getting pumped right now for boxing day at Touch. Pretty excited, I have a new dress. Well, lets be honest, I have 6 new dresses. They were 2 for 1. What else was I supposed to do?! Anyhoo, gonna run to the gym right now before things get crazy and get some super fun jump rope intervals done!! wooo. This week's goal, back in the pool!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

So this is Christmas

it's xmas everyone!!!! And I'm trying to decide when I can fit in a run, I have to pick up the relatives at 1:30 for lunch/dinner at 2 then walk the dog then take them back to the ferry with the fam. So I'm thinkin I can hit elk lake after the 2nd ferry trip...we'll see.....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Festivus and all that Jazz

Well well well, the holidays are slowly slipping away. I've been catching up on SLEEP....which is unusual and very welcome! I'm getting old I guess, but sleep seems more important than it ever was before! Speaking of getting old, we had a little birthday party on monday at Touch that went amazingly. Crazy party, so many awesome people came out, it was wonderful. There was even a cake, which is wicked cool!! Because the holidays are so hectic, especially considering I'm in the middle of moving, the gym has been a little lacking. I've been doing 20 mins cardio then jump rope intervals with weight training and then 60s of jump rope in between each set. That way I get everything in as quickly as possible and still feel like I'm accomplishing something!! It seems to be working. Marathon in february in seattle. I guess that means I should be running more. fml. ok. I'll do it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

back on track

well, it's been a long few weeks of projects, missing group members, late nights, serving gala dinners, working and making big decisions. it's been really stressful but it's over til january now. yay!! i start this weekend at a new job also. Touch Lounge on friday and Sugar on saturday. Change is good. back to the gym tonight and get team rachel going again so she can kick Chris's ass in the biggest loser HMGT....good times...

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the biggest loser HMGT

SO! in my class there's a guy who wants to be ripped like the wolf guy from twilight and a girl who wants to look like we've created a "biggest loser HMGT" group. They have until march 1st to reach their fitness goals!! And guess who the trainer for Team Rachel is.....MOI! Funsies!! I love new games. Rachel killed her first workout on monday and yesterday I took her and Quinn for our first HMGT Team Rachel bootcamp!! So much fun!! It was a success, they're both sore today and I'm so proud! Stay tuned for fun updates from Team Rachel!!