Saturday, November 20, 2010

been too long

omg. i'm so focused on school and co-op that I've really done not much since I've been home. I'm back to riding which is marvelous and really makes me happy but it's just so hectic for the 10 weeks of classes that I'm really focusing on school and work etc. I've got my winter co-op position all nailed down. I'm going to florida to do concierge in the Disneyworld resort. FOR TRUE!!! So excited!! It's such an amazing opportunity. To hear more about that adventure, see my other blog: it's got all the awesome details and i'll continue to keep it updated while I'm gone. So riding is pretty much all I've been up to. I'll be swim training again soon, as I hope to be able to do some racing while in florida. I'll figure it out. But mostly it's all about horses. It's really nice to be back to riding. It really centers me and keeps me grounded and happy. my life is so amazing right now, it's just full speed ahead to the future!! I'm so happy!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

If it was easy, everyone would do it

So after the Cause race, my knees hated me and almost relinquished their place on my legs. I took a lot of rest days, and by rest days, I mean I didn't run. However I did work a 19 hour shift and several 12 - 16 hour ones. So really I didn't rest at all, I just didn't run anywhere. Then this morning was the Melissa's Road race. I woke up feeling like I definitely shouldn't run, my knees ached and I'm overworked. However, like the crazy person I am, I thought that running it would be a good idea after all. Which I did. I was told afterwards that the Melissa's Road Race considered the toughest half marathon road race in Canada. Which means there were hills. Lots of them. They were not fun. Somewhere around km 13 my knee went pop and went from being numb to being excruciatingly painful. Not so good. Urgh. So i rested and iced and wrapped my knee before I went to work, it's feeling better now, but I must get to physio soon.  Good thing I'm coming home to Victoria in a few days. I need some professional help ASAP. Other than that, the race course was gorgeous and I loved it. The wind was crazy, for a while there it felt like I was running backwards. Kristen is the best friend ever and brought me some muscle cream so I'm rubbing that in now and hoping it helps!! The swelling hasn't gone down which is unfortunate. we'll see how if feels tomorrow. I'm definitely going to wrap it before I go to work!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So I'm tapering down right now for the race tomorrow and all I want to do is ruuuunnnnn!!!! LET ME tomorrow morning my lovely friend lucas has agreed to drive myself and my cheering squad to canmore, so that means we neither have to catch a cab nor rent a car. Which is dynomite...I'm getting some serious rest today because last night was the last night I'll have to sleep for quite some time. We have a huge group coming in next week and we'll be working non stop for days....and then Melissa's Road Race coming up in 2 weekends, right before I leave!! Then home to Victoria!! Hooray!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Race day approaching

So my plan to save my knees had been working. Vitrually pain-free!! Race on sunday!! So excited. it's getting freakin cold over here. I bought some cozy winter boots to tromp around in. I also get to go home in 20 days. Which is super exciting. I'm ready to go home. Today I did a quick run downtown and I'l do another run downtown on my way to see a movie with the girls. I'll make this second one a push run, do pushups and lunges on the benches on the way down the mountain. I've been checking out all the sweet articles and races on , so many cool ones. I really really want to do the Escape from Alcatraz tri at some point. It looks so frickin cool!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


So Im a deadbeat and I didn't ice my knees yesterday even a little bit. But I did change my run. I didn't run back up the mountain. I ran an extra loop of the track down by sundance and then took the bus back up the mountain. And today my knees are so much happier. So I think that if I plan on running as much as I have been then I need to stop running up the mountain. It's clearly not good for me and I don't need to aggravate anything. I have a nice line up of races in the next little bit. Sept 12th is the Cause run. Then Sept 25th is the Melissa's road race, then the Good Life Marathon on Oct 10th. Gotta take good care of my knees or I'm in trouble!!!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I spent my whole run today thinking I was sucking and not being pleased with myself and then when I got home and plugged into the nike system and realized that my time was actually faster than I expected. So that made me feel better. Last night I registered for the Canmore mountain run for a cause. The Cause is for underpriviledged societies and it's a half marathon in Canmore. Should be super fun. I need to get my game face on because it's Sept 01 today and the race is Sept 12. GAME FACE!!


I am officially way to obsessed with the new Nike+ system. I got a new ipod nano and the nike+ system and have been tracking my runs online. AND they just came out with a heart rate monitor, that also syncs to the ipod!! SO COOL!! So now I can see exactly how far I've run and what my heart rate was the entire time and my exact pace the whole time!!! How cool is that!? Nike  and apple are amazing. For true. The ipod links to a chip that gets inserted into the shoe and then my shoe and my ipod can talk to each other. It's amazing business sense. I've never been partial to a certain type of shoe, but now I will only be buying Nikes because I'm obsessed with tracking my runs. And obvi I wouldn't buy any technology other than apple, but now I want ALL the gadgets. I've also been wearing the nano as a pedometer during the day at work to see how many steps I've walked. The other day I walked almost 20,000 steps in a 9 hour shift. So crazy....I think I'm going to run this race in a few weeks: Cause Half Marathon. It will be a good warm up for me for the Royal Vic full marathon. My friend David is going to run the 10 km part of that race and we're going to bring a cheering squad to keep us motivated! Can't wait.. Train train train train!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Run route!

So I've finally got a few photos of the gorgeous area that I run through on my 20k loop. It's actually the marsh and hot springs that the Banff National Park originated around in 1885. And it's flippin beautiful. I'll just show you!
This boardwalk runs all the way around the marsh and the basin, it's wooden and lovely and I love to run on it!!

Taking a meditiative moment up by the basin

See, it's gorgeous!!

This bird blind is a neat little building that juts out from the boardwalk

The Bow River

This is where I live these days. In a park. It's just lovely!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So I had a lovely 18km run today, I really think I want to buy a new ipod nano so I can use the nike+ system with it, I'm already a nike+ member but I need the hardware. And that system tracks your runs, and here it's difficult to gauge exactly how far i've run. Also, I'm adjusting my summer goals. I'm having some difficulties with the 20km distance, and I think it's overly ambitious for me to be going up to a 30km run once a week. I think that it's more important for me to be comfortable at 20km than it is for me to push the distance thing. So I'm focusing on this distance for right now. We'll see how that goes. Altitude training has definitely been really good for me, I feel a lot faster and stronger. Even my lungs feel better. I've only had a few incidents with them closing up since I got here. Very pleased!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

long time

goodness gracious me. it's been a while. It's because I'm working so much and training and when I blog I've been focused on my school blog, so I'm sorry for neglecting you, dear adventure blog! I've been going steadily on my marathon training. Loving the altitude training out here. So much hiking and running and mountains!! I'm up to a 20k and 3 10k runs a week. Getting ready to crank out a few 30k's in august. Definitely not going to be racing triathlon this year, I think I'm getting my parents to take my bike home when they come to visit. Just not ready and really, I'm enjoying the mountain life. In the winter I can focus more on tri training but for now I'm enjoying hiking and running and such. Obviously this will help my tri times anyway because I needed to work on my running. I did a sweet workout today with jump rope intervals, which, lets face it, might be my fave thing ever! hearts!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

20k revisited

I totally forgot to talk about the 20k. It went really well, the last k is straight uphill, as I have to get back up to the resort, so I ended up walking that part, but this was my first long run of the year so I'm cutting myself a little slack. I think the mountain air has been really good for me. My lungs hurt quite a bit after the run but recovered quickly and I didn't cough up any blood or anything. So exciting. I got a letter from my doctor the other day saying that I have an apt with a pulmonary specialist when I get home in october, which is super exciting because maybe they'll figure out what's wrong with my lungs. Till then I'll keep pushing it because it seems to be working for me!!

20 k

So I ran my first 20k of the summer yesterday. Well, it was almost 20 k, I have to perfect the route but it was close. I ran down to sundance canyon and back. So gorgeous. Also did the hike up Sulphur Mountain with some friends. It's SO beautiful. I just love it up there. And the gondola ride down is also super awesome. Here's a few photos just so you get the idea.

Yup, that's right. I live in a national park now. How awesome is my life!!!

That's us up on this crazy little stone hut that's on the top of the mountain where this guy lived for like 20 years studying cosmic rays and fixing broken power lines and being a hermit. So cool.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trail Running!

Photos from the trail that runs from the Rock to the Banff Springs, this is the trail that I use to get downtown from the resort. It's beautiful and I love to run it!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh hello patio

Inside workout today. Gotta love the stationary bike. Nice view of the guest patio tho!!

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Friday, May 28, 2010

boo snow

mediocre workout today....not so moitivated....was planning on running down the mountain but it snowed last night and we all know how i feel about snow....not so supplements and vitamins while i was in edmonton so i'm feeling better and back on track as far as that goes....waiting for my mom to send my glutamine and glucosamine...i swear my joints hurt without it...ok, i'm gonna go away and listen to some music and dance and get more cheerful....more motivation tomorrow!!! (as long as there's no snow)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Rock

So, I've taken to running up and down the mountain. It's good times. Except for the running up and the danger of Elk. Which is always fun. I think they pretty much leave you alone as long as you don't touch them or steal their young or something, but still I cross the street when I see one. Its so amazing out right now that I just can't take the bus.

I took that this morning running down. So I figure its 4km to town and 4km (uphill) back up, if I run down and then run along the river for a km or so then that's a solid 10k run. Perfect for a no-brainer training run. I have to get my bike checked out so I can start riding again. i miss riding. Edmonton trip this week, should be super fun!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello yoga!

So I love living in staff comm. I feel like I'm settling into an awesome routine. Tuesdays and thursdays there is a yoga class that staff can attend. I went yesterday and loved it. I think that keeping up with yoga is a really good idea for me because of all my injuries and aches and pains. The instructor is awesome, I really liked the class. I'm definitely going again tomorrow. Also last night, we snuck into the hot springs late at night. I don't think I ever want to go to the hot springs at a regular hour ever again. Only late night!! Squash is also my friend. I'm getting better!! The sun has been out in full glory the last few days...maybe I'll get a chance to hike sulphur tomorrow after work. This is sulphur mountain. There's a gondola that goes right to the top which I get to ride for free because I'm a local now. The hotel just happens to be halfway up the mountain, really close to the bottom of the gondola. So I plan on taking advantage of it for sure!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


I heart squash. Just got off work and got a text from my new squash friend saying she had the courts booked so I changed and ran downstairs and played a quick 45 mins of squash. I did a little workout and then headed into town and i'll head back later for the rest of my workout. I'm gonna kick it on the stationary bike for a while tonight, gotta get back into biking shape for the season.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Resort Gym

So I got a membership at the gym in the resort. It's pretty awesome. There's a squash court and I found a girl who wants to play too!! Yay! The gym isn't spectacular but it'll do. And there's a pool and a hot tub and a eucalyptus steam room which makes me very very happy!!! Yay!! Once it gets nice and I'm outside most of the time I won't be too worried about getting gym time anyway but I think the steam room will be my friend for sure.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Banquets are definitely going to take up most of my life. Yesterday was my first day and it was a 12 hr work day. I think I may still be adjusting to the altitude. Every so often I feel a little lightheaded and dizzy. I'm beating myself up hardcore for not being right back into training but I guess I've only been here for a few days, I have to give myself some time to get settled. That being said, A is picking my up for a run tomorrow at 830am, which is awesome. Must run more. Once I'm settled into my routine it'll be much easier. I'm rushing myself. Which I guess is in my nature. I'm setting some goals for this work term. Other than work and school goals, I need to set some personal ones. Like I want to take time for me and have that be ok with me. I know, it's a stretch. But it's a goal. Must also not gorge myself on dirty banquet food, no matter how good it looks....that's gonna be hard. I've eaten so much in the last few days it's ridiculous. Run tomorrow and workout in the evening. that's the goal....that's tomorrow's goal anyway. sigh.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well I'm here. And it's cold. Which i should have expected. Went for my first run in the cold yesterday. Must get gloves. The Banff Centre is so awesome, think I'll be getting a membership there. Climbing gym, pool, weight room, etc. So awesome. And I have met a friend to train with. He does Brazilian jujitzu and he's going to teach me and I'm going to teach him to climb. Which is awesome. Just moved into the staff accommodation yesterday, it's nothing spectacular but gets the job done. It's just K and I in there so far and hopefully there won't be anyone else cuz it's just the perfect size for the two of us. I've been really tired and i think i'm fighting a cold, also getting used to the altitude I guess. I work my first shift tomorrow morning and then I'll have a better idea of my schedule. I miss Vic, but once I start working I'll be happier to be here, I think.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


Long drive!! Good thing I had top notch company!!

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Well, i've arrived. In Banff!! It's lovely here. Cold....snowy...but wonderful. Staying with ash in the Rocky Mountain Bed and Breakfast for a few days and then on monday I go to the resort. Yay staff accommodation!! whoop whoop!! Kali should be here by tomorrow night which is awesome. I still don't feel like I'm moving here. I feel like I'm on vacation and will be going home soon. Which is entirely false! I'm here and Ashley has made me so welcome and introduced me to all her friends who have been equally fabulous. So now I just have to get settled back into a routing. I've made a martial arts friend who's going to teach me things and i'll teach him to rock climb. Friends are fun. Drove around Banff with ryan this afternoon and saw a lot of awesome elk. loved it. i think it's going to be a great summer!! I do miss my Vic crew sooooo much tho. Sad panda.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Can't Touch This!

So here's just a few photos from the Dine n Dash last weekend. 2 teams, lots of laughs, giant sandwiches and cupcakes. Two of us puked and all the money went to charity. It was also rainy and freezing. But we still had so much fun. We were definitley the. Most enthusiastic group ever. So much fun!!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

41 days

Well it's official, on april 26th I start my work term at the Rimrock Resort in Banff!! I'm excited. It's an amazing resort and I'll have all kinds of new places to train. It's very exciting. But it's in only 41 days. Coming up fast. I'm head chef at school next week and it's sucking up all of my time, so no time to write for now.  Soon!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

back on track??

Feeling better....the sun makes me much happier....have been really down lately and am finally getting back into a productive frame of mind. Got to see the specialist about my lungs finally. He wasn't very helpful....we ruled out now i got back to my doctor and hopefully get a prescription for some antibiotics to try and clear up whatever is wrong with me.......i have been utterly useless i'm pretty sure i've forgotten how to run and I haven't even looked at my bike in weeks....sigh....getting on it!!!!! Not too much time left in school which makes me happy!! Co-op soon!! Actual location of co-op to be decided by next week......i'll keep you updated....

Friday, February 26, 2010


Not gonna lie, it's been a rough few days. No motivation, bad weather. Bad attitude. Blargh. I'm taking a few hours to myself this evening to sort my brain out a little. Pout pout. I'm pouty and I'm taking some time alone until I smarten myself up a little. Tomorrow is a new day and I think I might be a more cheerful person by then. I started my 3 months off drinking this week and I def miss tequila. I like tequila. A lot. The first two weeks is the hardest. Then I won't miss tequila anymore. Ok. I'm done pouting. Time to sort my life out.

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Monday, February 15, 2010


i'm definately addicted to the infrared sauna.....I was in there for like an hour and a half the other day....i actually think I would like to build a bed in one and sleep in it every night....for love..... we're having a discussion at school about the male strippers on the weekend and it's very difficult to concentrate....i may have to write

Friday, February 5, 2010

do it

The sun is out and it's making me soooooo happy. I've got Rachel running 1km then walk 1 min, and she's going to be ready to run the TC 10 k....true story...i'm also recruiting her for the underwear affair 10k this year...such a fun event, I'm so thrilled I'll be in town to race in that one this year...I had so much fun last year!! Can't wait! I'm playing tennis tomorrow morning and I'm really excited about that too. Getting back into the multisport feel. Gotta get back on the bike this week....the weather makes it way easier and motivating....I had a book recommended to me by human kinetics called swimmers anatomy that I think I can really benefit from, lots of really cool training tips and suggestions for weight training to help with swimming, which is definately my weakness...gettin on that one pretty quick!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I just played squash yesterday. I frickin love it. So much fun!! I think I'm addicted already. SO MUCH FUN!! I definitely plan on using it as my supplemental workout this summer.....totally loving Quadra 24 hour fitness!! I think I've gone in the infrared sauna every day since I've been a member. And I plan on using the squash courts a bunch....and volleyball....LOVE IT. Takin Ra Ro for a run at elk lake after class today, her first 10k. She thinks we're walking part way...she doesn't know we're running the whole thing..shhhhh secret...

Monday, February 1, 2010


Alright! It's time to get a move on!! Tri season is approaching fast...and marathon time...and I'm so not ready!! YIKES!!! school has taken over my life....however, i was chosen by my peers to receive a scholarship for school which is super exciting.....back in the water this week, and gotta get back on the road'll be fine...phew....ok, got that out of my system...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I recieved my package from Sugoi a few days ago!! SO AWESOME!!! In LOVE with my Locust cami! I haven't had a chance to run in my Midzero tights yet but I'll write about the experience when I do! Bootcamp is a go today with Rachel. We're gonna check out the gym at Camosun so we don't have to leave campus. And after pub tonight I'm all about the infrared sauna!! I may possibly be addicted!! They are so good for you tho, so I guess that's a good thing to be addicted to! lol. Check out the reference page for all the heath details!! Thinking it a good place to do homework too!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

darn it all

and now I have a cold. it's all James' fault, he gave me the cold. I'm such a miserable sick person, I hate it. i'm grumpy and sniffly and (not gonna lie) a little pouty....going for a run, maybe that'll clear my head...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


On the mend!! Feeling about 90%. I've been back to training this week. Jump rope intervals and stair master kind of stuff. I haven't made it out to run yet, my lungs still hurt. The 2 inhalers the doctor prescribed help with the inflamation in my lungs seem to be helping. I had my voice for the first time today. YAY! I'm thinking Elk Lake on sunday, my lungs should be happy by then. Rachel's bootcamp is back in action too!! J-Lo booty, here we come!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

what doesn't kill me....

Well it's time to admit defeat to whatever has been plaguing my chest for the last 8 months and go to the doctor. The cough and chest pain has returned and I'm sick of it. I've been ignoring it for way too long. So, after a lecture from the doctor about how most triathletes go to the doctor "all the time" and how I'm an "abnormality" and I "should see the doctor more often," I'm sitting in a coffee shop next to the doctor's office because I need to get chest xrays and the line was so frickin long I figured I'd get somethings done while I waited. I also have 2 inhalers to get me through training until we figure out what's wrong. Appears to be a combination of exercise induced asthma and some kind of bacterial infection. Which is very pleasant. I'm hoping that getting this fixed will make my training less painful/easier. Could explain why I had so much trouble breathing during the tri season last year.

SO....the moral of today's story is....sometimes even invincible people need to go to the doctor.

The End