Friday, February 26, 2010


Not gonna lie, it's been a rough few days. No motivation, bad weather. Bad attitude. Blargh. I'm taking a few hours to myself this evening to sort my brain out a little. Pout pout. I'm pouty and I'm taking some time alone until I smarten myself up a little. Tomorrow is a new day and I think I might be a more cheerful person by then. I started my 3 months off drinking this week and I def miss tequila. I like tequila. A lot. The first two weeks is the hardest. Then I won't miss tequila anymore. Ok. I'm done pouting. Time to sort my life out.

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Monday, February 15, 2010


i'm definately addicted to the infrared sauna.....I was in there for like an hour and a half the other day....i actually think I would like to build a bed in one and sleep in it every night....for love..... we're having a discussion at school about the male strippers on the weekend and it's very difficult to concentrate....i may have to write

Friday, February 5, 2010

do it

The sun is out and it's making me soooooo happy. I've got Rachel running 1km then walk 1 min, and she's going to be ready to run the TC 10 k....true story...i'm also recruiting her for the underwear affair 10k this year...such a fun event, I'm so thrilled I'll be in town to race in that one this year...I had so much fun last year!! Can't wait! I'm playing tennis tomorrow morning and I'm really excited about that too. Getting back into the multisport feel. Gotta get back on the bike this week....the weather makes it way easier and motivating....I had a book recommended to me by human kinetics called swimmers anatomy that I think I can really benefit from, lots of really cool training tips and suggestions for weight training to help with swimming, which is definately my weakness...gettin on that one pretty quick!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I just played squash yesterday. I frickin love it. So much fun!! I think I'm addicted already. SO MUCH FUN!! I definitely plan on using it as my supplemental workout this summer.....totally loving Quadra 24 hour fitness!! I think I've gone in the infrared sauna every day since I've been a member. And I plan on using the squash courts a bunch....and volleyball....LOVE IT. Takin Ra Ro for a run at elk lake after class today, her first 10k. She thinks we're walking part way...she doesn't know we're running the whole thing..shhhhh secret...

Monday, February 1, 2010


Alright! It's time to get a move on!! Tri season is approaching fast...and marathon time...and I'm so not ready!! YIKES!!! school has taken over my life....however, i was chosen by my peers to receive a scholarship for school which is super exciting.....back in the water this week, and gotta get back on the road'll be fine...phew....ok, got that out of my system...