Tuesday, September 29, 2009

week 4 of 12

well....school is ridiculous...we've already had one person drop out of the program...people are starting to go a little crazy from all the assignments due....and it's only the beginning of week 4....however its the beginning of week 4!!!! That means that this semester is 1/3rd finished! YIKES!!! I should get some more stuff done!! Actually, I'm doing pretty well. Most of my projects I'm ahead in! Horray! Training, however, not so much. Marathon is coming up! AHHHHHHHH that's a LOT of running....as we've established before.....lots and lots of running.....ugh...and you know how I feel about running....booooooooo. 10 k tomorrow....10k friday.....20k sunday....it's ON!!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

still running

so, you know how you do something over and over and you get better and better at it and you like it more and more?? well that's the exact OPPOSITE of the relationship that I have with running. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting better at it but I still hate it just as much. However I just have to keep on doing it. Marathon in 2 weeks today. Yuck. So much running. Boooooo.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slayed it!!

Today's run was EPIC. but first....a little about my recovery from the 20k run. I was surprisingly unsore, just a little quad tightness. I was however, SUPER drained. Super tired. I definately didn't do enough carb loading the day before, and should have eaten more on sunday after the run as well. So for this week I must be more careful about my nutrition. Big pasta meal on saturday night for sure and NO DRINKING AT WORK!!!! So anyhow, back to today. Had a super solid run. Ran with Vic and we really are quite a good running pair. She tends to rush and burn herself out before the end of the run and I'm good about pacing so I make her pace herself as well. And she keeps me running when I feel like walking. We ran the whole loop at a steady pace. It began to get dark in the treed part of the trail and that definately kicked us into a higher gear as well. Checked the pace and slowed a little going up the last hill, which was great. Coming down past the rowing club we upped the pace a little, not out of our comfort range but definately a good pace. Feeling awesome. Another 10k tomorrow, then rest day then 20k. This week Vic is going to do the full distance with me. It's gonna be tough, but judging by the quality of todays run, we'll be ok as long as we can pace ourselves. Super busy with school right now so gym time is sparse. Focusing on the marathon right now, gym time comes later!!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So I ran 20k yesterday. 2 loops of the Elk Lake trail. Vic ran the first loop with me and then she took off and I ran the next one alone. Not gonna lie, I walked a good portion of it. I'm mostly interested in getting the distance in, getting my body used to that much run/walking. Had a great chat with a golf course member who is also a gym teacher and fitness instructor guru guy. He made a good point. I was planning on running 30k next sunday but he thinks that going from 20 to 30 k is too big a jump in distances. Which is a good point. If I up my distance by that much so soon I have a way bigger chance of stress fractures, injuries, etc. It'd be more beneficial for me to be comfortable at 20k and then increase by 5 or so. He's also a big fan of the taper method of training. Which I don't really like. I find I like to continue to train right up until race day. Otherwise I get even lazier than usual! Surprisingly enough I'm not even that sore today. My quads are a little sore but that's about it. More than anything I was really tired today. And hungry. Must be careful to make sure I'm properly carb loading and depleating. The harder I train and the further I run the more aware I'm becoming about exactly what my body needs to function at this level. It's pretty cool.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Had a great training session with Chris. He gave me some awesome new core/stability excercises to help me keep me injury-free during my training. Lots of cool cable excercises and stuff! And the PISE facilities are UNBELIEVABLE!!  I love it there!! The gym is just unreal. Ran the Elk Lake loop again yesterday and it went much better than my wednesday run...tomorrow I go 2 loops. 20k. Yikes! Vic is going to be joining me for the first loop and I'll continue on alone. Also gonna hike Finlayson with Christina tomorrow morning, just to really tire myself out. haha. So this week is will have a run every 2nd day, with another 20k on wednesday. Then next sunday it'll be 30k. And that will be the real test. Marathon in 21 days. I can do this!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mediocre at Best

Well, my run today was not so great. I guess in all fairness, I'm still recovering and 10k is quite a bit to push for this week. We did run/walk intervals and got the distance done, which is the important part, and better than nothing. So I'm still not 100% after the egg retrieval, which is understandable. They told me to lay off the excercise for at least a week and it was a week on tuesday. I still feel some cramping in my ovary but nothing major, and it was definately agrivated by the running. But, I made it out, did the distance, that's all I can really hope for. Next run will be more running, less walking! Gave myself a day off the weights because I'm hoping to go train with Chris from PISE tomorrow evening so I want to be fresh for that. Not really sore today from my workout with Shorty except for a little soreness in the head of my bicep. Tomorrow is run, train, school. Love it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Dinner and the evaluation for school went well. Good times! Workout was epic!! Got 20 mins into my run and Shorty showed up so off we went to workout. Bi's and tri's were on the agenda. We traded our favorite excercises and I MAY DIE tomorrow!! Shorty showed me a few new sweet cable exercises for both muscles groups and I got her to do some excercises on the bosu. We have two very different training styles. I tend to gravitate towards total body exercises because with all the triathlon training I don't have time to focus on any one body part. Shorty does a lot of weight training and is more focused on training an individual muscle group in each workout. So for us to share and combine training techniques is really beneficial and a really interesting variance to my regular workout....therefore....i'm gonna be SORE tomorrow!! Horray. Did another 10 min run after our weights so that's 30 mins running total which is about 5k. Which isn't far enough. 10 k tomorrow and Elk Lake weds. That's the goal!!

Monday, September 14, 2009


So, I'm focused on running right now....no triathlons throughout the winter and due to my recent procedure I'm not allowed to swim for another week so I'm totally focused on training to hopefully run the Royal Victoria Marathon. Which might be pushing it. We'll see. I was supposed to train with Shorty last night but I wasn't feeling well. So hopefully tonight instead. I like having someone to push me because sometimes I get lazy. So, here's the plan:
Monday: run (treadmill) weights
Tuesday: 2 horses to ride, weights, run (treadmill)
Wednesday: Elk Lake 10k
Thursday: run (treadmill), weights, climb Finlayson
Friday: 2 horses to ride, Elk Lake run
Saturday: run (treadmill) weights
Sunday: long run, Elk Lake, 2 loops

So, in theory I'm going to make it up to 20 k runs this week, which I'll need to do if I plan on making it to the marathon. Headed to dinner with a classmate to get some school stuff done...then gym!! More later!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Well, I've been on semi vacation for the last week. By semi I mean I went to Penticton for a wedding, which was amazing! I had a chance to chat with some really inspiring Ironman athletes, since Ironman Canada had just finished the day before. The buoys were still out in the lake and everything. Really exciting. 
Goal: Complete an Ironman by the time I'm 30. 
Thats the goal. Ideally I'll do one before then, but that's the deadline! 
The wedding was fabulous and magical and I had a great time, but I didn't get to train. I got to do a lovely beach run or two but other than that nothin much. So then I was home for 1 day, within which I worked a double and then flew to Toronto the next mornng at 6:40am. So now I'm in Toronto. I've been doing a few stair intervals but other than that, nothin! Mostly because all the hormones that I've been on for this whole egg donor buisness have been killing me. I've been lethargic, bloated, etc. Plus apparently I'm very affected by the hormones, I'm hyperproducing eggs. Yikes. So therefore, I'm soooo not ready to race in Sooke. So I'm just going to focus on the Royal Victoria Marathon. Which means I need to frickin run. Stupid running....boooooooo. October 11th. It's on.