Monday, September 21, 2009


So I ran 20k yesterday. 2 loops of the Elk Lake trail. Vic ran the first loop with me and then she took off and I ran the next one alone. Not gonna lie, I walked a good portion of it. I'm mostly interested in getting the distance in, getting my body used to that much run/walking. Had a great chat with a golf course member who is also a gym teacher and fitness instructor guru guy. He made a good point. I was planning on running 30k next sunday but he thinks that going from 20 to 30 k is too big a jump in distances. Which is a good point. If I up my distance by that much so soon I have a way bigger chance of stress fractures, injuries, etc. It'd be more beneficial for me to be comfortable at 20k and then increase by 5 or so. He's also a big fan of the taper method of training. Which I don't really like. I find I like to continue to train right up until race day. Otherwise I get even lazier than usual! Surprisingly enough I'm not even that sore today. My quads are a little sore but that's about it. More than anything I was really tired today. And hungry. Must be careful to make sure I'm properly carb loading and depleating. The harder I train and the further I run the more aware I'm becoming about exactly what my body needs to function at this level. It's pretty cool.

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