Thursday, January 21, 2010


I recieved my package from Sugoi a few days ago!! SO AWESOME!!! In LOVE with my Locust cami! I haven't had a chance to run in my Midzero tights yet but I'll write about the experience when I do! Bootcamp is a go today with Rachel. We're gonna check out the gym at Camosun so we don't have to leave campus. And after pub tonight I'm all about the infrared sauna!! I may possibly be addicted!! They are so good for you tho, so I guess that's a good thing to be addicted to! lol. Check out the reference page for all the heath details!! Thinking it a good place to do homework too!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

darn it all

and now I have a cold. it's all James' fault, he gave me the cold. I'm such a miserable sick person, I hate it. i'm grumpy and sniffly and (not gonna lie) a little pouty....going for a run, maybe that'll clear my head...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


On the mend!! Feeling about 90%. I've been back to training this week. Jump rope intervals and stair master kind of stuff. I haven't made it out to run yet, my lungs still hurt. The 2 inhalers the doctor prescribed help with the inflamation in my lungs seem to be helping. I had my voice for the first time today. YAY! I'm thinking Elk Lake on sunday, my lungs should be happy by then. Rachel's bootcamp is back in action too!! J-Lo booty, here we come!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

what doesn't kill me....

Well it's time to admit defeat to whatever has been plaguing my chest for the last 8 months and go to the doctor. The cough and chest pain has returned and I'm sick of it. I've been ignoring it for way too long. So, after a lecture from the doctor about how most triathletes go to the doctor "all the time" and how I'm an "abnormality" and I "should see the doctor more often," I'm sitting in a coffee shop next to the doctor's office because I need to get chest xrays and the line was so frickin long I figured I'd get somethings done while I waited. I also have 2 inhalers to get me through training until we figure out what's wrong. Appears to be a combination of exercise induced asthma and some kind of bacterial infection. Which is very pleasant. I'm hoping that getting this fixed will make my training less painful/easier. Could explain why I had so much trouble breathing during the tri season last year.

SO....the moral of today's story is....sometimes even invincible people need to go to the doctor.

The End