Friday, August 28, 2009


Love my new gym!! it's so super awesome!! Working out whenever I want is just fabulous! However, the hormones that I'm on right now for the egg harvesting are really kicking my ass. They make me sooo sleepy! I'm leaving on sunday to go to Clancy and Caelins wedding, which should be SO much fun!! I can't wait!! Then next week it's off to Toronto! Yay! Just did a photo shoot with Darren much fun. We got some really sweet shots!

Friday, August 21, 2009

New Gym

I'm making the switch!!! That's right, I'm switching gyms. I've been at the Y for the last year because I need a pool. Well I don't really end up swimming there. I swim at Oak Bay Rec. I don't really like the change rooms at the Y and the hours suck. I feel like the Y is trying to make me conform to their wierd unreasonable hours....well NO MORE! J works out at Odyssey and told me to try it...I frickin love it there!!! New equiptment, a kettleball station, huge tv's right next to my fave cardio machine...and...the best part.....24 HOUR ACCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right. You heard me. I worked out at 1am the other night. Loves it. So I have to go to the Y today and tell them to beat it. Which should be fun. C is away right now so I'm the mattress showroom queen!! Classes finished this week, so now I have a little break before my crazy crazy september hell time begins. Also, hormone treatment for the egg retrieval has begun. Yup, I'm donating eggs. For realsies. I have to inject myself with hormones everyday. Pretty intense. I go to Toronto for the harvesting (not sure if that's the most appropriate word) sept 4th - 8th! yeaaaaa

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sooke triathlon is sept 13th.....gotta get training!! I'm getting flown to T.O. sept 4th-8th to  donate eggs to an infertile my life...

Monday, August 10, 2009

I hate being Sick

Sooooooo sick. Haven't been able to train, sleep, or breathe for days. Chest cold....booooooo. Hoping to get back in the pool today. In other news, I'm getting super pumped for co-op next year. I have my heart set on Switzerland. Can't wait. I figure I'll just buy a new bike when I get there. Europe is like bike heaven. Very gloomy today...rainy, etc. Grrrrrr....hope I'm all better tomorrow. OH! New bike came home today!! It's the sweet Norco that B found for me. I think I'm going to name him Fernando....Nando for short...not sure yet tho...I definately feel like he's a boy bike. Currently on a mission to plaster my life in Oak Bay Bikes stickers. It's a respectable goal, I think!

Monday, August 3, 2009

We let down the team....had to pull out of self-transcendance....B's back was acting up and I'm horse-showing all weekend so it just worked out better to not go....the chest pains that plagued me during the Vancouver tri have not abated....very annoying...must see a doctor........hoorse show is going super well, Femo is being such a good girl. I'm thrilled with her, couldn't have asked her to be any better...tomorrows our last day of showing so hopefully her good behavior continues through to tomorrow.....