Monday, August 10, 2009

I hate being Sick

Sooooooo sick. Haven't been able to train, sleep, or breathe for days. Chest cold....booooooo. Hoping to get back in the pool today. In other news, I'm getting super pumped for co-op next year. I have my heart set on Switzerland. Can't wait. I figure I'll just buy a new bike when I get there. Europe is like bike heaven. Very gloomy today...rainy, etc. Grrrrrr....hope I'm all better tomorrow. OH! New bike came home today!! It's the sweet Norco that B found for me. I think I'm going to name him Fernando....Nando for short...not sure yet tho...I definately feel like he's a boy bike. Currently on a mission to plaster my life in Oak Bay Bikes stickers. It's a respectable goal, I think!

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