Saturday, November 20, 2010

been too long

omg. i'm so focused on school and co-op that I've really done not much since I've been home. I'm back to riding which is marvelous and really makes me happy but it's just so hectic for the 10 weeks of classes that I'm really focusing on school and work etc. I've got my winter co-op position all nailed down. I'm going to florida to do concierge in the Disneyworld resort. FOR TRUE!!! So excited!! It's such an amazing opportunity. To hear more about that adventure, see my other blog: it's got all the awesome details and i'll continue to keep it updated while I'm gone. So riding is pretty much all I've been up to. I'll be swim training again soon, as I hope to be able to do some racing while in florida. I'll figure it out. But mostly it's all about horses. It's really nice to be back to riding. It really centers me and keeps me grounded and happy. my life is so amazing right now, it's just full speed ahead to the future!! I'm so happy!!