Sunday, September 26, 2010

If it was easy, everyone would do it

So after the Cause race, my knees hated me and almost relinquished their place on my legs. I took a lot of rest days, and by rest days, I mean I didn't run. However I did work a 19 hour shift and several 12 - 16 hour ones. So really I didn't rest at all, I just didn't run anywhere. Then this morning was the Melissa's Road race. I woke up feeling like I definitely shouldn't run, my knees ached and I'm overworked. However, like the crazy person I am, I thought that running it would be a good idea after all. Which I did. I was told afterwards that the Melissa's Road Race considered the toughest half marathon road race in Canada. Which means there were hills. Lots of them. They were not fun. Somewhere around km 13 my knee went pop and went from being numb to being excruciatingly painful. Not so good. Urgh. So i rested and iced and wrapped my knee before I went to work, it's feeling better now, but I must get to physio soon.  Good thing I'm coming home to Victoria in a few days. I need some professional help ASAP. Other than that, the race course was gorgeous and I loved it. The wind was crazy, for a while there it felt like I was running backwards. Kristen is the best friend ever and brought me some muscle cream so I'm rubbing that in now and hoping it helps!! The swelling hasn't gone down which is unfortunate. we'll see how if feels tomorrow. I'm definitely going to wrap it before I go to work!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


So I'm tapering down right now for the race tomorrow and all I want to do is ruuuunnnnn!!!! LET ME tomorrow morning my lovely friend lucas has agreed to drive myself and my cheering squad to canmore, so that means we neither have to catch a cab nor rent a car. Which is dynomite...I'm getting some serious rest today because last night was the last night I'll have to sleep for quite some time. We have a huge group coming in next week and we'll be working non stop for days....and then Melissa's Road Race coming up in 2 weekends, right before I leave!! Then home to Victoria!! Hooray!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Race day approaching

So my plan to save my knees had been working. Vitrually pain-free!! Race on sunday!! So excited. it's getting freakin cold over here. I bought some cozy winter boots to tromp around in. I also get to go home in 20 days. Which is super exciting. I'm ready to go home. Today I did a quick run downtown and I'l do another run downtown on my way to see a movie with the girls. I'll make this second one a push run, do pushups and lunges on the benches on the way down the mountain. I've been checking out all the sweet articles and races on , so many cool ones. I really really want to do the Escape from Alcatraz tri at some point. It looks so frickin cool!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010


So Im a deadbeat and I didn't ice my knees yesterday even a little bit. But I did change my run. I didn't run back up the mountain. I ran an extra loop of the track down by sundance and then took the bus back up the mountain. And today my knees are so much happier. So I think that if I plan on running as much as I have been then I need to stop running up the mountain. It's clearly not good for me and I don't need to aggravate anything. I have a nice line up of races in the next little bit. Sept 12th is the Cause run. Then Sept 25th is the Melissa's road race, then the Good Life Marathon on Oct 10th. Gotta take good care of my knees or I'm in trouble!!!

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I spent my whole run today thinking I was sucking and not being pleased with myself and then when I got home and plugged into the nike system and realized that my time was actually faster than I expected. So that made me feel better. Last night I registered for the Canmore mountain run for a cause. The Cause is for underpriviledged societies and it's a half marathon in Canmore. Should be super fun. I need to get my game face on because it's Sept 01 today and the race is Sept 12. GAME FACE!!


I am officially way to obsessed with the new Nike+ system. I got a new ipod nano and the nike+ system and have been tracking my runs online. AND they just came out with a heart rate monitor, that also syncs to the ipod!! SO COOL!! So now I can see exactly how far I've run and what my heart rate was the entire time and my exact pace the whole time!!! How cool is that!? Nike  and apple are amazing. For true. The ipod links to a chip that gets inserted into the shoe and then my shoe and my ipod can talk to each other. It's amazing business sense. I've never been partial to a certain type of shoe, but now I will only be buying Nikes because I'm obsessed with tracking my runs. And obvi I wouldn't buy any technology other than apple, but now I want ALL the gadgets. I've also been wearing the nano as a pedometer during the day at work to see how many steps I've walked. The other day I walked almost 20,000 steps in a 9 hour shift. So crazy....I think I'm going to run this race in a few weeks: Cause Half Marathon. It will be a good warm up for me for the Royal Vic full marathon. My friend David is going to run the 10 km part of that race and we're going to bring a cheering squad to keep us motivated! Can't wait.. Train train train train!!