Sunday, September 26, 2010

If it was easy, everyone would do it

So after the Cause race, my knees hated me and almost relinquished their place on my legs. I took a lot of rest days, and by rest days, I mean I didn't run. However I did work a 19 hour shift and several 12 - 16 hour ones. So really I didn't rest at all, I just didn't run anywhere. Then this morning was the Melissa's Road race. I woke up feeling like I definitely shouldn't run, my knees ached and I'm overworked. However, like the crazy person I am, I thought that running it would be a good idea after all. Which I did. I was told afterwards that the Melissa's Road Race considered the toughest half marathon road race in Canada. Which means there were hills. Lots of them. They were not fun. Somewhere around km 13 my knee went pop and went from being numb to being excruciatingly painful. Not so good. Urgh. So i rested and iced and wrapped my knee before I went to work, it's feeling better now, but I must get to physio soon.  Good thing I'm coming home to Victoria in a few days. I need some professional help ASAP. Other than that, the race course was gorgeous and I loved it. The wind was crazy, for a while there it felt like I was running backwards. Kristen is the best friend ever and brought me some muscle cream so I'm rubbing that in now and hoping it helps!! The swelling hasn't gone down which is unfortunate. we'll see how if feels tomorrow. I'm definitely going to wrap it before I go to work!

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