Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am officially way to obsessed with the new Nike+ system. I got a new ipod nano and the nike+ system and have been tracking my runs online. AND they just came out with a heart rate monitor, that also syncs to the ipod!! SO COOL!! So now I can see exactly how far I've run and what my heart rate was the entire time and my exact pace the whole time!!! How cool is that!? Nike  and apple are amazing. For true. The ipod links to a chip that gets inserted into the shoe and then my shoe and my ipod can talk to each other. It's amazing business sense. I've never been partial to a certain type of shoe, but now I will only be buying Nikes because I'm obsessed with tracking my runs. And obvi I wouldn't buy any technology other than apple, but now I want ALL the gadgets. I've also been wearing the nano as a pedometer during the day at work to see how many steps I've walked. The other day I walked almost 20,000 steps in a 9 hour shift. So crazy....I think I'm going to run this race in a few weeks: Cause Half Marathon. It will be a good warm up for me for the Royal Vic full marathon. My friend David is going to run the 10 km part of that race and we're going to bring a cheering squad to keep us motivated! Can't wait.. Train train train train!!

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