Thursday, March 17, 2011

back in action

Well I'm now feeling totally settled here. I'm getting a routine down. Linds and I moved from one complex to another so now I'm further away from the lap pool but my plan is to run from our complex to Mickey's retreat, swim, then run back. I'm not sure how far it will be, but my Nike+ will tell me! I've been trying to get 20 mins of jump rope done in the mornings before breakfast. Great way to get my day started! And I really need to have my gym time in my life. My job requires very heavy guest interaction and by the end of the day, some time for myself is absolutely necessary. I also made it to a bookstore recently. So now I have some mental stimulation. I really needed books to read, my brain was starving!! I'm also switching my weight routine up. When I'm tri training I find I life weights to supplement my other training, but since I'm not racing, I'm lifting for definition now. Higher weight, lower reps, I'm liking it! I also have the expedition everest challenge coming up in may, my lovely friend T is coming here from Vic and we're in a team together!! Team Canada!! So excited. It's like a 5k bootcamp adventure challenge type of thing. It's going to be so much fun! Can't wait!