Monday, September 14, 2009


So, I'm focused on running right triathlons throughout the winter and due to my recent procedure I'm not allowed to swim for another week so I'm totally focused on training to hopefully run the Royal Victoria Marathon. Which might be pushing it. We'll see. I was supposed to train with Shorty last night but I wasn't feeling well. So hopefully tonight instead. I like having someone to push me because sometimes I get lazy. So, here's the plan:
Monday: run (treadmill) weights
Tuesday: 2 horses to ride, weights, run (treadmill)
Wednesday: Elk Lake 10k
Thursday: run (treadmill), weights, climb Finlayson
Friday: 2 horses to ride, Elk Lake run
Saturday: run (treadmill) weights
Sunday: long run, Elk Lake, 2 loops

So, in theory I'm going to make it up to 20 k runs this week, which I'll need to do if I plan on making it to the marathon. Headed to dinner with a classmate to get some school stuff done...then gym!! More later!!

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