Thursday, September 24, 2009

Slayed it!!

Today's run was EPIC. but first....a little about my recovery from the 20k run. I was surprisingly unsore, just a little quad tightness. I was however, SUPER drained. Super tired. I definately didn't do enough carb loading the day before, and should have eaten more on sunday after the run as well. So for this week I must be more careful about my nutrition. Big pasta meal on saturday night for sure and NO DRINKING AT WORK!!!! So anyhow, back to today. Had a super solid run. Ran with Vic and we really are quite a good running pair. She tends to rush and burn herself out before the end of the run and I'm good about pacing so I make her pace herself as well. And she keeps me running when I feel like walking. We ran the whole loop at a steady pace. It began to get dark in the treed part of the trail and that definately kicked us into a higher gear as well. Checked the pace and slowed a little going up the last hill, which was great. Coming down past the rowing club we upped the pace a little, not out of our comfort range but definately a good pace. Feeling awesome. Another 10k tomorrow, then rest day then 20k. This week Vic is going to do the full distance with me. It's gonna be tough, but judging by the quality of todays run, we'll be ok as long as we can pace ourselves. Super busy with school right now so gym time is sparse. Focusing on the marathon right now, gym time comes later!!

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