Saturday, September 19, 2009


Had a great training session with Chris. He gave me some awesome new core/stability excercises to help me keep me injury-free during my training. Lots of cool cable excercises and stuff! And the PISE facilities are UNBELIEVABLE!!  I love it there!! The gym is just unreal. Ran the Elk Lake loop again yesterday and it went much better than my wednesday run...tomorrow I go 2 loops. 20k. Yikes! Vic is going to be joining me for the first loop and I'll continue on alone. Also gonna hike Finlayson with Christina tomorrow morning, just to really tire myself out. haha. So this week is will have a run every 2nd day, with another 20k on wednesday. Then next sunday it'll be 30k. And that will be the real test. Marathon in 21 days. I can do this!

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