Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mediocre at Best

Well, my run today was not so great. I guess in all fairness, I'm still recovering and 10k is quite a bit to push for this week. We did run/walk intervals and got the distance done, which is the important part, and better than nothing. So I'm still not 100% after the egg retrieval, which is understandable. They told me to lay off the excercise for at least a week and it was a week on tuesday. I still feel some cramping in my ovary but nothing major, and it was definately agrivated by the running. But, I made it out, did the distance, that's all I can really hope for. Next run will be more running, less walking! Gave myself a day off the weights because I'm hoping to go train with Chris from PISE tomorrow evening so I want to be fresh for that. Not really sore today from my workout with Shorty except for a little soreness in the head of my bicep. Tomorrow is run, train, school. Love it.

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  1. Good Job Erica. You should come to boot camp sometime. It's such a good workout.