Sunday, July 25, 2010


So I had a lovely 18km run today, I really think I want to buy a new ipod nano so I can use the nike+ system with it, I'm already a nike+ member but I need the hardware. And that system tracks your runs, and here it's difficult to gauge exactly how far i've run. Also, I'm adjusting my summer goals. I'm having some difficulties with the 20km distance, and I think it's overly ambitious for me to be going up to a 30km run once a week. I think that it's more important for me to be comfortable at 20km than it is for me to push the distance thing. So I'm focusing on this distance for right now. We'll see how that goes. Altitude training has definitely been really good for me, I feel a lot faster and stronger. Even my lungs feel better. I've only had a few incidents with them closing up since I got here. Very pleased!!

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