Friday, July 23, 2010

long time

goodness gracious me. it's been a while. It's because I'm working so much and training and when I blog I've been focused on my school blog, so I'm sorry for neglecting you, dear adventure blog! I've been going steadily on my marathon training. Loving the altitude training out here. So much hiking and running and mountains!! I'm up to a 20k and 3 10k runs a week. Getting ready to crank out a few 30k's in august. Definitely not going to be racing triathlon this year, I think I'm getting my parents to take my bike home when they come to visit. Just not ready and really, I'm enjoying the mountain life. In the winter I can focus more on tri training but for now I'm enjoying hiking and running and such. Obviously this will help my tri times anyway because I needed to work on my running. I did a sweet workout today with jump rope intervals, which, lets face it, might be my fave thing ever! hearts!!

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