Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well I'm here. And it's cold. Which i should have expected. Went for my first run in the cold yesterday. Must get gloves. The Banff Centre is so awesome, think I'll be getting a membership there. Climbing gym, pool, weight room, etc. So awesome. And I have met a friend to train with. He does Brazilian jujitzu and he's going to teach me and I'm going to teach him to climb. Which is awesome. Just moved into the staff accommodation yesterday, it's nothing spectacular but gets the job done. It's just K and I in there so far and hopefully there won't be anyone else cuz it's just the perfect size for the two of us. I've been really tired and i think i'm fighting a cold, also getting used to the altitude I guess. I work my first shift tomorrow morning and then I'll have a better idea of my schedule. I miss Vic, but once I start working I'll be happier to be here, I think.

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