Wednesday, May 12, 2010

hello yoga!

So I love living in staff comm. I feel like I'm settling into an awesome routine. Tuesdays and thursdays there is a yoga class that staff can attend. I went yesterday and loved it. I think that keeping up with yoga is a really good idea for me because of all my injuries and aches and pains. The instructor is awesome, I really liked the class. I'm definitely going again tomorrow. Also last night, we snuck into the hot springs late at night. I don't think I ever want to go to the hot springs at a regular hour ever again. Only late night!! Squash is also my friend. I'm getting better!! The sun has been out in full glory the last few days...maybe I'll get a chance to hike sulphur tomorrow after work. This is sulphur mountain. There's a gondola that goes right to the top which I get to ride for free because I'm a local now. The hotel just happens to be halfway up the mountain, really close to the bottom of the gondola. So I plan on taking advantage of it for sure!!

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