Thursday, July 23, 2009


Seriously? Really? I STILL can't put on a swim cap by myself? That's right. I said it. I can race in a triathlon but don't expect me to put on a swim cap without some serious assistance. I'm trying. My new non-latex swim cap is just divine, BTW, super warm for ocean swimming....yea....i like it. Latex allergies are no good. Rode an extra horse today, which was lovely. SO hot out, it was nice to spend some extra time with the horses. Managed to swim 1200m after work which is getting easier and easier...gonna do it again tomorrow after work. Must go to the bike shop tomorrow and make sure the team entries are all filled out for Self Transcendence....DON'T LET THE TEAM DOWN. lol...that's the goal....everyone's gotta have in the's our Hell's Kitchen challenge lab today.....i'm blue team...pretty excited...learning is fun...BLUE TEAM GO!

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