Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes you gotta run around in your underwear

Spent the weekend in Van. Saturday night was the Underwear Affair, the 10k run through downtown Vancouver, dressed in underwear. All the fundraising proceeds go to cancers 'below the waist'! It was such a great event! Fun booths for underwear decorating, games, free things! And people in crazy crazy outfits!! It was so much fun! T and I rocked out in our jager gear and had a killer time. I finished in 1:02, which is not great. As per usual, my hip starte giving out on me, definately not as bad as it has before, which is promising. The slow pace was just fine because I had to race in the Vancouver International Triathlon the next morning. It was a tough one, my first open ocean tri!! I fully mangled the swim, but made it. There were a few people who gave up and turned around after like 25m. It wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Going to have to jack my swim distance up to 1 km this week because I have to swim the 1.5km as part of a team for the Self-Transcendence Triathlon on Aug 2nd. 

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