Sunday, June 21, 2009


Raced in the Elk Lake New Balance Tri this morning. Had to work saturday night so was entirely NOT well rested. The lake was warm, which was great since I prefer not to wear a wetsuit. My sugoi velocity tri shorts performed admirably, as per usual. They dry so fast, it's amazing. My swim went much better this time, and I improved my swim time by appx 3 mins, which is huge. Overall I beat my last time by appx 8 mins, so I'm completely thrilled! During the last stretch of the run it began to rain which was actually quite refreshing...until I stopped running. All in all a great race. I definately need more open water swim training before the next race, although I'm much more comfortable than last time. I didn't even mind getting kicked a few times....which totally freaked me out last race....more later....sleep now....

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