Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The threshold

So I finally found my exhaustion threshold....after the tri on sunday I took monday off and then yesterday went mountain biking for the first time. D made me jump off stuff far beyond my skill level (I say made like I didn't love every minute of it) which was so much fun...I jumped off a ladder bridge and then hit a tree at one was awesome...I had such a great time! After dropping off the bike, hit the road for a ride with B, and did 40km....came home, passed out. So exhausted....possibly should consider taking another day off after a triathlon. Made it up at 5am this morning for yoga and came home and slept more. So that was offically too much. I feel great, don't get me wrong. Shoulders are sore, but my legs are fine. I have bruises and scratches...all of which I'm very proud of. Can't wait to do more mtn biking. It's definately an adrenaline rush and at the end of the day, that's what I'm after!! Back in the pool tomorrow, up to 700m swims now I think. After vacation I'll bump it up to 800m.....very excited about vacation! Gotta go pay my property taxes...yikes! I've been avoiding doing it and now it's almost too late!

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