Thursday, October 8, 2009

soooo soon

well, it's thursday....the marathon is on sunday. I really feel like running is a cataclismic battle within my brain where half of me is yelling to keep going and half of me is yelling to's festive in my head, I tell ya. But, I'm doing this, for better or winter training goal is to work on my running and that is what I am doing...Bear Mtn 10k in November, should be delightful....I know that all this work will make me a better triathlete, but that doesn't make it any more least I have some fantastic friends who are helping me along the way!! Marissa and I have a scheduled weekly run in between classes on weds and I will be running 20k with Vic every sunday (other than race days, of course). Having happy, motivated people around you makes you more happy and motivated!! It's a scientific fact!! My sugoi order arrived today....sweet new Brand Champion tank and Picadilly my life!! Getting back on the bike on thanksgiving monday...SWEET!!!!

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