Saturday, October 10, 2009

1 more day..

hooooly's almost that time...MARATHON TIME!!!!  this time tomorrow I'll be drinking a bloody mary at the local and eating a soft pretzel with hot mustard a reward for having run 42 frickin kilometers....ack....i can do it!! I was BORN ready.....doesn't mean I'm not a little scared....that's a long way to is the fun part...CARB LOADING!!! yay!!! loves it!! at the end of the day, the marathon distance is just something I have to start doing if I plan on making it to ironman canada, which i I have to look at this as training, not the end result...somehow that makes me feel better...not sure why...i guess i need to justify why I'm doing this when I hate running so much....i'm a triathlete, not a runner....that makes it ok....picking up marissa in a little bit, we're doing a nice lil 10k, just to work out the kinks....i know that apparently you're not supposed to run right before a race but my body responds better to constant, not so at least thats what I tell myself.....wish me luck!!!! marathon countdown is ON!

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